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  1. Good-natured, wise, kind

  2. Smart as a whip, fast learner

  3. Comic book superhero

  4. Nerdy school girl by day

  5. Solves complicated psychotherapy cases at night

  6. Busy bee: knitter, cook, quilter, pianist, gardener

  7. Great to cook with

  8. Easy to rebuild house with

  9. Makes housecleaning fun

  10. Great teammate, wonderful to travel with, excellent person to bellyache to

  11. Professional cuddler

  12. Aficionado of the smooch

  13. Pro at having a relaxed evening, at playing in the “rhythm section in life”

  14. Has smile that lights up rooms

  15. Laugh that makes everyone laugh

  16. Real weisenheimer, but a lovable one

  17. More Jung than Freud

  18. She’s The Babe!

  19. ~ from Doug’s vows

  1. Big, beautiful lion

  2. Powerful creature

  3. Combo of strong and gentle

  4. Authentic, so thoroughly honest

  5. Deep, raw, real, strong, gentle

  6. Not Freud or Jung, but Dr Ruth

  7. Truly loving human being

  8. A devoted friend

  9. Works himself half to death to help a friend in need

  10. Everyone who knows him thinks the world of him

  11. Dedicated, devoted with a completely pure heart

  12. Deeply good to people .... on airplanes, on buses, at home, at school

  13. Cares about other people's dreams and supportive even if that means moving against his own interests

  14. Can make anything happen

  15. Christine’s private Santa Claus

  16. ~ from Christine’s vows

And... on a crisp December's day, with the shadows growing long upon a field of green and the time winding down,

in front of 60,000 screaming fans, their palms sweaty and poised on the edges of their seats, she is a miraculously placed desperation pass from Joe Montana to unrealistically outstretched fingertips in the back of the end zone

to win the championship game. Christine, for Doug you are..."The Catch!"

~ The Reverend Steve Weingarten